7:00 AM   Students and parents (wearing costumes) arrive at the meeting site. Drive to the Reef  Campground.

10:00 AM  Parents with cars - Once everyone has arrived at the Reef             Campground entrance, the parents drive cars to the fort without delay and unload gear just inside the fort gate.

10:30 AM    Fort Ross Interpretive Specialist will greet the walkers and talk outside the compound for a short time. Militia checks passes at the gate, flag raising ceremony.

11:00 AM   Eat Lunch.

11:30 AM   Trade Skit with ELP Instructor.

12:30 PM   Work in groups at assigned tasks.

4:00 PM     Clean up and return gear to ELP Company Store Room. Set up a personal gear in sleeping areas, wash hands, and get ready for dinner.

4:30 PM     Everyone gathers at tables for the evening instructions by the ELP Instructor.

5:00 PM     Eat dinner. All employees stay seated until the entire group is done. Scrape food remains in the compost bucket. Militia in the kitchen as clean-up crew.

5:30 PM    Teacher takes all employees to view the windmill and to bluff tops for sunset observations. Parents stay behind to continue clean-up.

7:00 PM    Storytelling/Campfire/Mail Call.

8:00 PM    Night Hike if time allows.

8:30 PM    Get ready for bed. Use privies.

9:00 PM    Lights out! First night watch – Cooks

11:00 PM   Second watch – Clerks

1:00 AM    Third watch – Gardeners

3:00 AM    Fourth watch – Hunters

5:00 AM    Fifth watch - Militia

7:00 AM    Cooks start breakfast.

7:30 AM    Entire Colony – Rise and shine. Breakfast and clean up.

8:30 AM    Pack personal gear and stow along the fence.

9:00 AM    Morning hike to the cemetery/orchard.

10:00 AM  Dancing

10:30 AM  All groups take turns at Trade Store and craft/artisans activity.

12:30 PM  Flag lowering

1:00 PM    Lunch, Clean up. Parents drive cars to the fort to pack gear.

2:00 PM    Head for home.