Cooks Role Play Characters


1. Anna Vasil’eva (Ahn’na Va-seel’ev-a) – A Creole – She was married to Vasilii Vasil’ev. They had five children, three of which lived at Ross. She had a house, a field, a vegetable garden, and various livestock. When she died her dresses were given to her children. Her eldest daughter married, and other employees adopted the other minors.

2. Ayumin Mar’ya – A Kashia – She had a daughter, Maria, with the Russian Promyshlennik named Rodion Koroliov. He died December 9, 1820 of “some disease.” Ayumin and Maria returned to Ayumin’s native village near Ross after his death.

3. Vasilii Ivanovich Grudinin (Va-seel’ee Ee-van’o-vich Gru-deen’in) – A Russian Carpenter and shipbuilder. He learned shipbuilding while employed as assistant to shipwright Lincoln who was in Sitka in 1805-1809. At the Ross settlement in 1816 he laid the keel for the Rumiantsev, which was launched in 1818. The Buldakov was launched in 1820. The brig Volga was launched in 1822. The brig Kiakhta was launched in 1824. The oak that Vasilli used was unseasoned or it may have been that the California oak was unsuitable. The vessels were soon deemed worthless. Shipbuilding was abandoned at Ross and in March 1825, Grudinin was sent back to Sitka on the Kiakhta. He received a raise to total 1,000 rubles a year plus 400 rubles food ration allowance. He continued repairing and working on ships. He was married while at Fort Ross; her name may have been Vera. He had a daughter, Agrafena, born January 11, 1825, a son Mikhail, who died in August 1825 (age unknown), and daughter Natalia who was born August 1826 in Sitka. (Artisan)

4. Ukayla – A Coast Miwok – Living with Kili Fedor, a Kodiak.

5. Mit’ya (Meet’ya) – A Kashia – Married to Aniehta Nikolai, a Kodiak. They had one son, Chanian Vissarion.

6. Kobbeya – A Southern Pomo – she had lived along the Russian River. She married Agchyaesikok Roman, a Kodiak. They may have lived in the Alaskan neighborhood out on the front terrace. They had a son, Kiochan Mitrofah. Kobbeya returned to her home and people along the Russian River in 1820. The father raised the young boy, until the father drowned. A Kodiak, Alexey Chaniguchi, was said to have raised the boy.

7 . Katerina Ukkelya – A Coast Miwok – She was living with but not married to Vasilii Antipin, Russian promyshlennik, a carpenter who died at Ross in the end of 1821 or 1822. They had a son, Alexander and daughter, Matrena.

8. Pokomin – A Kashaya woman – Married to Filip Apangu, a Kodiak. They may have lived on the front terrace in the Alaskan neighborhood. When he returned to Sitka, she returned to her own people. (hunters)

9. Kapisha – A Coast Miwok – He worked on the Farallones to pay off obligations to the Company.

10. Chilan – A Kashia – He worked at Ross to pay off obligations to the Company.